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BUDUFitClub Philosophy

Welcome to our website budufit.cz.

We are a company that tries to involve an exercise into your everyday life. We offer a professional and friendly approach, fully equipped fitness center and the group fitness under a guidance of the best instructors. But it is also a place you will be delighted to come back to.

We will help you achieve a healthy, productive body and gradually modify your lifestyle. These days are too demanding and unfortunately it can reflect in our health state.Our professionally trained staff are here to help you in achieving your goals.

Whether you are a professional or recreational athlete, mother on maternity leave or elderly, you will be able to choose a form of exercise suitable for you.

Our goal is to help you feel much better.

How it works...

Pavel – head trainer
economics, reception manager, master trainer (fitness), master trainer (classes), cleaning, receptionists, fitness trainers, fitness trainers (classes), temporary workers, external trainers

Programmes for the companies

We will arrange a programme to meet not just your demands but the demands of your employees as well. We can offer you two options of cooperations:

Programmes that may be held directly in your company:

  • Measurements on the IN-BODY 230
  • Training courses for the company on a given topic (stress, compensatory exercise, diet regime, etc.)
  • Personal training within your company
  • Sport day for the company according to your specifications

Programmes for your company in the facilities of our modern fitness club BUDUFitClub:

  • Training sessions START
  • Express workout sessions during a lunch break
  • Sport Day
  • Our training room

You can take advantage of a discount for your employees. You can put a deposit to be used by your company. For more information, feel free to send an email to: bugaj@budufit.cz or call the number +420 604 979 053. You can take an advantage of advertising space in the premises of BUDUFitClub.
It an be used to promote your company or your website. Other options: Flyers, T-shirts

Our Team

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals.

Pavel Bugaj


  • personal trainer
  • functional training
  • physical preparation


  • 2nd class fitness instructor
  • spinning classes
  • flowin
  • TRX
  • BOSU
  • (podiatric minimum)

Jan Kempa


  • personal trainer
  • functional training
  • fitness training
  • triathlon


  • 2nd class fitness instructor
  • TRX

Radim Spusta


  • (Ostrava university – PdF OU Rekreologie)
  • personal trainer
  • weight training
  • reception

License: 2nd class instructor

David Pargáč


  • personal trainer
  • Capoeira
  • break dance

License: 2nd class instructor


  • Champion of the Czech Republic in break dance
  • Semifinalist of the Czech Republic Got Talent

Dalibor Fiala


  • fitness assistent

Tomáš Malina


  • fitness assistent

Tomáš Pelhřimovský


  • fitness trainer
  • gymnastics trainer

Viktorie Siostrzonková


  • fitness trainer

License: Power Yoga, indorcycling, pilates

Hana Kavková


  • fitness trainer


  • 2nd class instructor
  • Ronnie Dorn Method and Breuss massage, Prouzová
  • Bosu Core, Face Academy
  • Sport and fitness massage, Miracles Soul
  • Pump FX, 3D Fitness
  • Core, Face Academy
  • Deep stabilization system, Fyziofit
  • Exercising during pregnancy, Fyziofit

Lada Čápová


  • Power Yoga
  • fitness training
  • break dance

License: Power Yoga, indorcycling, pilates

Vladimír Štalmach


  • zumba fitness instructor

License: zumba basic


  • Top Dance Class in Latin Amerika dances
  • three times champion of the Czech Republic in formations
  • semifinalist of the European Championship and the World Championship

Michal Sirůček


  • fitness trainer

License: Power Yoga, indorcycling, pilates

Schedule guided lessons

16:00 - 17:00 17:00 - 18:00 18:00 - 19:00 19:00 - 20:00
PO TRX (Honza) Body styling (Lada)
ÚT Břicho + zadek (Viky) Kruh. trénink (David) Power jóga (Lada) Zumba (Vláďa)
ST TRX (Honza) PUMP FX + Posilovací trénink (Viky) Interval (Lada)
ČT Kruhový trénink (David) Kondiční cvičení (Monika) Power jóga (Lada)
Kruhový trénink (Lada)
ceník služeb zde



Fitness area is of 300 square meters and you can find here:

  • 14 stations of the fitness equipment Life Fitness
  • 20 stations of the roller wall BodyTone
  • free weights
  • different variations of the small and large axis
  • dumbbells up to 30kg
  • four adjustable benches


We offer you classes under the supervision of the professional trainers.

In BUDUFitClub you can visit classes of:
Flowin, Pump FX + fitness training, Power Dance, Belly + Butt, Relaxing Yoga, Fitness training, Interval training, Power Yoga, Body styling, TRX, Zumba, Circuit Training, Fit Box
You can find a schedule of our classes HERE.

Cardio zone

Our cardio zone has a total area of 80 square meters and it is equipped with:

  • four treadmills LifeFitness
  • two professional rowing machines Conception 2
  • two stationary bikes
  • one elliptical LifeFitness
  • modern cardio machine Cybex

Functional training

Functional training takes an area of 70 square meters and you will find here all equipments needed for proper functional training:
TRX, Flowin, BOSU, Gravity system, Power Plate, Aqua Back, Power Back, Bulgarian Back, Fitball, Overball, Unstable surfaces, Expanders, Medicineballs, Ropes and many more.

Personal Trainer

Personal training is an effective form of exercise with the full assistance of a personal trainer. Its main advantage is its convinience, efficiency and professionalism. Somebody wants to tone their body, somebody wants to get rid of back pain or just relax after the hard day at work. That´s why you should choose personal training.
Personal training has some unquestionable advantages:

  • the trainer demonstrate and explain the exercise
  • gives you the right direction
  • helps you with the exercise
  • helps you with the proper diet
  • motivates


Service Price
1 hour lesson – personal trainer 350 CZK
10 hours of pre-paid lessons 3000 CZK
1 hour lesson for two 550 CZK
10 hours of pre-paid lessons for two 5000 CZK
1 hour lesson for three 750 CZK
1 hour lesson for fore or five people + rent of a hall 1500 CZK
10 hours of pre-paid lessons for fore or five people + rent of a hall 12000 CZK
1 hour lesson for six or ten people + rent of a hall 2000 CZK
10 hours of pre-paid lessons for six or ten people + rent of a hall 15000 CZK
All prices include VAT.

Diagnostická místnost
InBody and Dart Fish diagnostics

Diagnostic room has an area of 36 square meters in order to meet the highest demands of a modern client.
In Body 230
The measurement of the body composition: water, muscle, bone, fat, resting metabolic rate, the ratio of waist vs. hips, muscle imbalance...
A comprehensive examination of the feet, legs dynamics, 3D scanner-software examination of a posture...
Examination of your movement patterns
Dart fish – video of the motion and its analysis

Fitness Assistent

At choosen hours our personal trainers will be available for FREE!
Choosen Hours:
Tuesday 17:00 – 19:00 Dalibor Fiala
Thursday 17:00 – 19:00 Tomáš Malina

Fitness Bar

Fitness reception is here for you all day long!
We offer healthy snacks and energy drinks, energy bars and other food supplements.


ul. Slezská
Ostrava-Hrabůvka, 700 30

+420 739 669 131
ICQ: 426-661-661

Otevírací doba:

PO 06:00 21:30
ÚT 06:00 21:30
ST 06:00 21:30
ČT 06:00 21:30
06:00 21:30
SO 08:00 20:00
NE 08:00 20:00